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January 14, 2011 / helengraham

My second tour: ‘I like museums and seeing the sculptures… visiting is more fun by myself’

Steven at the National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum

Steven at the National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum

Steven Powe reflects on his visit to the National Portrait Gallery and the Amercian Art Museum. He likes to go to museums on his own to see the sculptures and to take photographs and sees this interest as a springboard to a future career where he might either work in a museum or be a photographer.

I thought the trip was fine, even thought it was cold that day.

When I saw the sculptures, it made me wonder if I could do sculpture. I know I can draw. I used to do ceramics in 1978 because I got a medal for it from the Kennedy Institute (a D.C. school). They couldn’t give me the thing I made because it too heavy but they gave me a first place medal instead.

I liked the sculptures and the food and drink. They have a good cafeteria in here. Sometimes I just come to the café, just for a treat. You shouldn’t be afraid to spend money at the museum because you’re not going to go every day. There are so many things to see and do, that you won’t be able to see everything. Not in one day. I will come back. I didn’t get to see everything. I liked the Elvis display and Rockwell.

To make it better, they could give discounts on the food to people with disabilities. The exhibition couldn’t be better, they are great. The Smithsonian is so good it makes me think about working for the Smithsonian.

There’s nothing that would stop me coming. I like museums. Air and Space is a good museum so you wouldn’t mind paying, but some of the others have to be free because they are not as good.

I’ve been going to the Smithsonian for a long time. They changed things around here, it’s nice they’ve made it bigger. I was about 22 when I first came to the museum. When I came the first time, I just looked at the sculptures and then I looked at the pictures. They didn’t have much Security when I went here the first time. The guards were nice – that’s important. Security doesn’t put me off. I have always felt welcome. Security might stop other people. That puts people off, not being able to take pictures. My friends and family don’t always come, they don’t have time because they are working.

Taken by Steven. Portrait of Michael Jackson.

Taken by Steven. Portrait of Michael Jackson.

I come to the Smithsonian because I’m training to take pictures, it part of the work I’m doing at New Vision. I hope I might get a job in photography.

I like the Folklife Festival. I like the food and the entertainment. If I could do an exhibition, I’d do an exhibition in the Sculpture Garden. And I’d make the American Indian Museum have more art. They should have more sculptures.

The way the pictures are displayed with labels is good for people that read but not good for people who can’t. But at least they can enjoy the pictures and maybe someone can read the label to them.

I’ve never been on a tour in the museum. But I’m not sure I’d want to go on a tour because you have stay with the group. It’s more fun by yourself. On your own you can take as many pictures as you want.


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